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interactive prospectus

An interactive prospectus is a new approach to the traditional printed brochure. Comprising everything and anything that you want to say about your school, college or university, it's an updateable CD ROM or DVD that provides a truly interactive virtual visit.

Whether reworking your existing school materials, filming interviews and special events or designing and animating a 3D model of your school or college, the possibilities are immense and the impact impressive.

With an interactive prospectus, prospective students and parents can:

  • easily access all your existing prospectus material, and much more besides: contact and location details, course outlines, links to your school web site, examination results and other student achievements
  • click and view an organised selection of original video clips and images: explore facilities, meet members of staff, hear from past and present students, replay moments from sporting and musical events
  • experience a 3D animated fly through the school's grounds and buildings